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"Products and Apparel for the Bearded Lifestyle"

THIGHBRUSH was Established in September 2017. We find Immense Pleasure in Designing Creative T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hats Underwear, Beard Oils and Novelties for those of you who have a great sense of humor and enjoy the bearded lifestyle! 

What Exactly is a "THIGHBRUSH"?  


According to the Urban Dictionary, a thighbrush is a euphamism for a man's facial hair (or beard) with the subtle reference to performing oral sex on a partner. She said, "I'd love to have your thighbrush in between my legs." 
We hope you enjoy our products and join the #THIGHBRUSHNATION
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THIGHBRUSH, LLC, 4711 E. Falcon Drive, Suite 312, Mesa. AZ 85215
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